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Buzánszky Jenő Labdarúgó Egyetemi Kupa
East Laos - LA Raktam Galaxy

BajnokságAlapszakasz (DIV3/G)
CsoportG csoport
Eredmény1 - 1
PályaOEC II. KOLL. Műfű
Időpont2023. április 5. 19:00
Státuszeredmény véglegesítve


#3493 captain (East Laos) 2023-04-21 23:05
And the goal we scored was the results of our effort like galaxy's goal. Please don't say bitter words, we was trying to score even more goals but galaxy's defense was good and our attacks were not sharp enough. In fact, galaxy team was constantly making serious fouls which resulted in our 2 injuries and as the game was too heated the ref had to blow end game whistle prematurely. Furthermore, GALAXY members walked out of the field before the whistle :D
So it was friendliness of us that we did not claimed 3-0 win over you guys as you forfeited before the game ended
#3492 captain (East Laos) 2023-04-21 22:49

we only did shield the ball (never pulling or kicking legs, ref also jusitifed this) while galaxy team kicked our legs pulled shirts and trahtalked whole game. we only tried to have a friendly game but they never once showed proper conduct (ie say sorry after the foul like we did)

#3490 Anonymus (LA Raktam Galaxy) 2023-04-05 20:39
Az east laos csapata folyamatos szabálytalanságokkal(rugdalózások, visszahúzások) , valamint időhúzásokkal tördelik a játékot, nem a fair play szabályai szerint. Már tördelik félpályánál a játékot, nem is akarnak játszani,  csak játék tördelése és az időhúzás a céljuk. 
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